The howls and the werewolves and wind and the creaks of the house and lots of other scary sounds mysteriously all come together into what almost sounds like a song... why yes it is a song. It's a scary electronic song with lyrics inspired by the original Werewolf House experience. Listen if you want to die.

The creaks and cracks of your tree brothers, combined with your old wood werewolf house floors, plus the wind and maybe even a very sonorous owl all come together to create another hideous song - this time about a haunted Arbor Day werewolf forest. The lyrics actually do make sense you just aren't thinking about them hard enough.

You can also listen to mysterious ambient noises of the original Werewolf House from Halloween. Complete with growls and howls and creaks and maybe even a couple freaks and shrieks if you're lucky.

Or listen to the haunting music of the Werewolf House Forest of Arbor Day and the themes of all the tricky mythical woodland creatures you pissed off along the way.